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Criminal offences

Michael Chapman, Chapman Solicitors Inverness

Michael Chapman, L.L.B. (Hons), N.P., S.S.C.

Michael is a Solicitor Advocate who is qualified not only to carry out the functions of a Solicitor but also those of an Advocate. A criminal lawyer for over 30 years, many of which were spent in Glasgow, Michael has successfully defended clients in relation to all types of crime in courts throughout Scotland.

In addition to his extensive Sheriff Court experience, he has appeared as Counsel in numerous High Court cases and has successfully represented clients accused of the most serious offences including murder and rape.


Pauline Chapman

Pauline Chapman, L.L.B., Dip L.B.

Pauline qualified as a Solicitor in 1983 and has dealt with all types of crime in J.P., Sheriff and High Courts. She has worked as both a Principal Prosecutor and a defence lawyer and has successfully presented cases before Magistrates, Sheriffs and Juries across Scotland.

Having been based in Glasgow High Court for lengthy periods of time, Pauline has amassed a wealth of experience in the preparation and supervision of the most serious of cases heard in Scottish High Courts.




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