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Michael Chapman is our own, in-house, Solicitor Advocate. As a Solicitor Advocate, unlike ordinary solicitors, Michael is qualified to appear in High Courts across Scotland. This means that if your case is to be heard in the High Court we would not require to bring in an Advocate with no prior knowledge of your case unless, after discussion with you, you wish us to do so. At Chapman Solicitors we can provide you with seamless representation from your first brush with the police to the end of your case even at High Court level. Michael Chapman, Chapman Solicitors Inverness

Michael is an experienced Solicitor Advocate who has successfully represented clients in High Courts across Scotland in cases including murder, rape, drugs offences and sexual offences.

Michael is not only asked to represent our own clients in the High Court but is often asked to appear on behalf of the clients of other firms of solicitors, both large and small, who do not have, in their own firms, a solicitor with Michael's qualifications and experience.







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